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Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Testosterone enhancement for men is distributed into the body through patches, creams, gels, or injections. While some men prefer once-a-week or every-other-week testosterone injections, others prefer topical testosterone gels that can be easily smoothed onto the arms daily.

In the case of testosterone gels, there are two varieties available: synthetic and bio-identical. Synthetic testosterone gels are ones in which the makeup of testosterone has been slightly altered, so that parent company can patent its unique formula. Conversely, when testosterone is utilized in its natural and unaltered form, it's called bio-identical testosterone. Bio-identical testosterone is comprised of plant-based and other natural materials that exactly matches the body's naturally produced testosterone.

Choosing a testosterone hormone therapy-whether structured around synthetic or bio-identical testosterone gels, or otherwise-varies depending on the individual man's body makeup, base testosterone and other hormone levels, as well as his own personal goals. To feel more like yourself than ever before, contact the Male Anti-Aging Institute in Los Angeles to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gary Bellman, who can craft an anti-aging treatment plan made just for your body and personal vision.

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