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Male Hormone Optimization

Men naturally produce the hormones testosterone, prolactin, and estrogen. Each of these hormones plays an invaluable role in the body, but as men age, the levels of these hormones can become diminished and unbalanced. When this happens, certain symptoms of a hormonal imbalance may occur, including erectile dysfunction and/or a plummeting sex drive.

When testosterone levels drop and prolactin levels rise, the resulting imbalance may cause a seriously noticeably drop in your sex drive. According to research, two-thirds of men who have high levels of prolactin-the hormone responsible for the production of breast milk-also lose interest in sex, or may suffer from erectile dysfunction.

At the Male Anti-Aging Institute in Los Angeles, one of our focuses is on optimizing male hormones like testosterone in order to combat low libido and erectile dysfunction, and give Southern California men the natural hormone boost their bodies are meant to experience. Our approach to male hormone optimization is multi-faceted to ensure reliable and long-term results.

Additional factors that optimize male hormone function include: To feel more like yourself than ever before, consult with a trusted Los Angeles male anti-aging doctor who can tailor make a hormone optimization treatment plan just for you.

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