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Testosterone Replacement (Low T)

Affecting energy levels, weight, mood, sex drive, fertility, and more-hormones play an integral role in men's health, wellbeing and longevity. As men age, important hormone levels in the body begin to wane. This means the testosterone levels in the body begin to diminish in our 20's. Many age-related ailments and health concerns for men in Southern California can be addressed by replacing low levels of testosterone, or low T.

Men in Southern California who experience unpleasant side effects of low testosterone, typically suffer from the following conditions as well: Low testosterone in men affects more than just sexual performance, it can also cause loss of body hair and diminishment of muscle bulk, and may lead to weight gain and bone weakness. Similarly, low testosterone levels in men can lead to negative changes in mood, energy, and overall health and wellbeing.

There are a variety of explanations for low testosterone, ranging from testicular injury, chemotherapy, and genetic conditions and/or chronic diseases to certain medication side effects and even straightforward aging. To replenish low testosterone levels, treatments include: The key to anti-aging is within your reach in Los Angeles. The simplest way to determine the testosterone replacement therapy that works best for your body, goals, and budget, is to consult an experienced male anti-aging doctor in Southern California who can address your specific health, wellness and longevity needs and goals.

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