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Weight Loss Program

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is a key component in optimizing male hormone levels in the body. When a man is overweight, he may suffer from cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure and restricted blood vessels. Likewise, belly fat and poor nutrition may contribute to a rise in female hormones, including estrogen and prolactin, which can cause increases in male breast size, a decrease in body hair, low sex drive, and erectile dysfunction.

Losing weight is a natural means to combat low testosterone and hormonal imbalances in men. Regular exercise-especially a combination of weightlifting and mild cardio-naturally boosts the body's production of testosterone. Likewise, mindful nutrition habits help men in Southern California to avoid foods that negatively affect the body's sensitive balance of hormones. For instance, consumption of certain dairy and fat products may unintentionally encourage estrogen and prolactin levels. Other nutritious foods-like those high in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and anti-oxidants-support muscle growth, probiotic health, and vitamin retention, all of which contributes to a better balance of hormones in the body.

At the Los Angeles Male Anti-Aging Institute, Dr. Gary Bellman helps men to maximize their natural production of testosterone and boost overall wellness. To learn more about male anti-aging treatments in Los Angeles, contact us today.

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