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Building Healthy Muscle

For men, testosterone levels are directly tied to building healthy muscle. Low testosterone (Low T) levels in the body may reduce muscle to fat, while healthy testosterone levels builds muscle mass. It's proven that low testosterone levels significantly contribute to muscle wasting-or loss of muscle. Likewise, Low T contributes to weakness, fatigue, and countless other unpleasant conditions-from erectile dysfunction and low sex drive to body hair loss, and more.

When it comes to fat, low testosterone levels are often the culprit. That's because low testosterone levels increase fat deposits throughout the body, but especially in the stomach region. What's more, these belly-area fat deposits that result from Low T, in turn produce higher levels of an enzyme called aromatase, which ultimately converts to estrogen. In a flurry effect, the higher levels of estrogen create more pockets of fat that gets distributed to the belly, thighs, and hips. From there, higher levels of body fat eat away at existing testosterone in the body.

Some practical methods to combat fat-causing low testosterone levels and promote healthy muscle growth in men include: Many health problems experienced by Los Angeles men can be explained by testing hormone levels in the body and consulting with a top anti-aging specialist who can pinpoint the root of your symptoms. To look, feel, and perform like your best self, consult with an experienced Southern California male anti-aging doctor who can help you to create a muscle building workout regimen for your specific body and goals.

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