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Beginning in our early twenties, testosterone levels in the male body begin to decline. Though every man comes in his own shape and size, with his own medical history and health background, low testosterone has the potential to negatively affect virtually all men as they climb into their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond.

At the Los Angeles Male Anti-Aging Institute, our mission is direct and sincere: to put the key to anti-aging within your grasp. Our treatments target a variety of male aging-related conditions and concerns that affect Southern California men on a daily basis-from regaining diminished muscle mass to enhancing your performance in the bedroom. Our treatments include: bio-identical hormone therapy, testosterone replacement (Low T), male hormone optimization, treatments for erectile dysfunction, weight loss programs, workout plans for building healthy muscles, and more.

Dr. Gary Bellman, Board Certified urologist and nationally renowned, Los Angeles based male anti-aging specialist, will help you craft a personally tailored anti-aging strategy that's structured to help you look, feel, and perform at your body's best.

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy
Testosterone enhancement for men is distributed into the body through patches, creams, gels, or injections. While some men prefer once-a-week or every-other-week testosterone injections, others prefer topical testosterone gels that can be easily smoothed onto the arms daily.

Testosterone Replacement (Low T)
Affecting energy levels, weight, mood, sex drive, fertility, and more-hormones play an integral role in men's health, wellbeing and longevity. As men age, important hormone levels in the body begin to wane. This means the testosterone levels in the body begin to diminish in our 20's. Many age-related ailments and health concerns for men in Southern California can be addressed by replacing low levels of testosterone, or low T.

Male Hormone Optimization
Men naturally produce the hormones testosterone, prolactin, and estrogen. Each of these hormones plays an invaluable role in the body, but as men age, the levels of these hormones can become diminished and unbalanced. When this happens, certain symptoms of a hormonal imbalance may occur, including erectile dysfunction and/or a plummeting sex drive.

Proven Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction
The causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) vary, but there are specific risk factors that make certain Los Angeles area men more likely to experience erectile dysfunction. It's also important to note that erectile dysfunction may indicate a larger or existing medical condition relating to the cardiovascular system or nerves.

Weight Loss Program
Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is a key component in optimizing male hormone levels in the body. When a man is overweight, he may suffer from cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure and restricted blood vessels.

Building Healthy Muscle
For men, testosterone levels are directly tied to building healthy muscle. Low testosterone (Low T) levels in the body may reduce muscle to fat, while healthy testosterone levels builds muscle mass. It's proven that low testosterone levels significantly contribute to muscle wasting-or loss of muscle.

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