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What is Andropause?

Also called low testosterone-or even male menopause-andropause is a health condition affecting men involving low levels of testosterone. As men age, the levels of testosterone in the body decrease, triggering a hormonal balance that causes a varieties of symptoms. In fact, studies suggest that men lose an average of 10% of their testosterone levels each decade after the age of 30.

These low-testosterone-related symptoms present in both physical and physiological ways, including sexual dysfunction (erectile problems and low to non-existent sex drive), a decrease in mood and energy, weight gain, muscle wasting, and more. Unlike menopause, andropause typically involves a more gradual decrease in essential hormones (in men's case, testosterone).

Treatment for andropause, or low testosterone (Low T), is a personal process that requires a consultation with an experienced Los Angeles male anti-aging physician who understands and specifically treats your unique circumstances. Some symptoms of andropause are easily mistaken for those associated with the natural aging process. Only a doctor can determine whether your symptoms are a result of low testosterone and/or andropause, and then treat you accordingly. However, there are a wide variety of treatments and natural recourses available to those suffering the effects of andropause-from testosterone injections and topical treatments like creams and gels, to natural remedies like good nutrition and proper exercise that promote healthy hormone production in a man's body.

To learn more about andropause, as well as the causes, symptoms, and treatments for low testosterone, consult with a top anti-aging doctor for men in Southern California. Dr. Gary Bellman crafts personalized treatment plans for Los Angeles men aiming to look, feel, and perform at the best-from the boardroom to the bedroom.

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