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Can Testosterone Therapy Help Sharpen Mental Funtion?

Posted By: Dr. Gary Bellman

How Are Mental Ability and Testosterone Levels Related?

As we age we start to lose mental abilities, and this seems to coincide with the loss of testosterone too. As a steroid hormone thought to influence both emotional and cognitive functions Optimal testosterone levels may help to protect you from symptoms of mild cognitive impairment; This is a condition where aspects of cognition are affected but don’t severely affect daily life – unlike dementia for example.

Mental processes such as concentration, spatial awareness, attention and memory are also linked to testosterone. As levels of this hormone drops, cognitive ability also declines. This can lead to poor mental recall and productivity. Cognitive illnesses have also been linked to low T including dementia.

Do you experience any of the following symptoms?

• Difficulty concentrating at work or performing basic tasks

• Trouble remembering people’s names or simple words

• Feeling like you’ve lost parts of your memory

• Feeling like you’re in a fog and state of confusion

• Decreased mental sharpness

• Unable to focus

• Short term memory loss

• Feeling depressed

Keeping your hormones at their optimal levels will help keep your brain working at its best.

Supplementing with vitamins, minerals and fish oil is important, too. Don’t forget that prescription drugs, such as the cholesterol lowering drugs, can cause memory loss, so be aware of the effect these drugs can have on your brain.

As the primary male hormone, testosterone is responsible for promoting muscle mass, strength and masculinity. It also helps to boost virility and libido.

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