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Los Angeles: Leading Testosterone Specialist

Posted By: Dr. Gary Bellman

Have an Expert in Your Corner
One out of four men over the age of 30 have some degree of testosterone deficiency, often referred to as Low-T, or hypogonadism. Most of them have no idea why they can't build muscle at the gym, nor sleep well or suffer from low energy and low libido. Some men try anti-depressants or  weight-loss schemes while their general doctors say their testosterone levels are in the normal range.

Finding a physician that knows how to properly diagnose and manage low testosterone safely and effectively is paramount. Many men suffer for years because their general doctors may dismiss the symptoms as simply something that happens as you age.

Gary C. Bellman M.D. is a board certified urologist who specializes in the diagnosis and management of Low T.  Dr. Bellman specializes in treating men with Low T and monitors patients closely for any possible side effects while working to maximize the benefits his patients see from the therapy.

Personalized for You
To be successful, testosterone therapy must be personalized to your specific medical needs. Do you want to have children in the future? Have you had prostate cancer? Are you on other steroidal medication? These are just a few examples of personal considerations that must be taken into consideration when devising a treatment plan. Your lifestyle and future goals may affect how we treat your Low T today.

Dr. Bellman takes the time to get to know his patients, along with their symptoms, desires, and of course, lab results. "Normal" testosterone can vary greatly from person to person, and while lab test can be instructive, the symptoms reported by the patient are just as important to making the diagnosis and devising the appropriate treatment plan.

This is what makes finding the right doctor so imperative. Low-T is not something that can be or should be treated at a drive-in center, or "hormone specialists" shop. You must be seen by a urologist — with a specialty in sexual medicine — that will take the time to get to the root cause of your testosterone deficiency while also coming up with a plan that works with your lifestyle and plans for the future.

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