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Posted By: Dr. Gary Bellman

If you're a middle-aged guy who watches sports, news or late-night talk shows, you've seen the ads: Your flagging energy levels, mood, sports prowess, and libido... could they be caused by low T?

There are lots of men wondering whether they should try testosterone supplements and many already taking them not knowing that it may be taking a toll on their health.  In today’s market, advertisements for testosterone supplements are all over the internet and late-night TV. 

The latest marketing push by drug makers is for easy-to-use gels and patches that are aimed at a much broader population of otherwise healthy older men with low testosterone, or androgen deficiency.  The condition is associated with a broad range of unpleasant symptoms ranging from insomnia to depression to erectile dysfunction.  Drug companies peg this group at about 15 million American men, though federal scientists do not use such estimates.

Get the Anti Aging Facts & Receive Proper Treatment-- Speak With Leading Anti Aging Specialist Dr. Gary Bellman

With all the swirling testosterone-related information that men are bombarded with, it’s essential for men who are wanting to inquire to speak with a specialist.

Dr. Gary C. Bellman is a Board-Certified Urologist with an expertise in Anti-Aging and optimization of male hormones.

For men who are diagnosed with low testosterone, a condition called hypogonadism, testosterone replacement therapy is often a great option.  This may occur if the testes cannot produce the necessary amounts of testosterone or a problem in the brain may interfere with testosterone production.  Before starting therapy, an evaluation with a specialist to rule out any underlying medical conditions is important.

If you think you might have low testosterone, ask Dr. Bellman about the Androgen Deficiency in the Aging Male (ADAM) questionnaire.  Your responses to these questionnaires can help you and your and Dr Bellman decide if you need to have your testosterone level checked.

A diagnosis of low testosterone includes taking a complete medical history and having a physical exam as well as laboratory tests to confirm the diagnosis.  Dr. Bellman will want to make sure your low testosterone is not caused by medications you are taking or by a disease or condition that needs to be treated.  If  the conclusion is that you should try medication to treat low testosterone, remember that a healthy lifestyle including a healthy weight, not smoking, limited alcohol, and regular exercise are also important for managing testosterone levels.                                                                                            

For an appointment or consultation with Dr. Gary Bellman, please contact the office at 213-785-2998

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